Scala Digital Signage Support

How Top Gun was able to reduce the overall number of trouble tickets by 64%, even with the edge device network growing by 300%

A Client Story
Released: March 25, 2016


Scala is known for its innovation and leveraging best-of-breed technologies such as mobile and predictive analytics to create award-winning solutions that are easy-to-use yet infinitely customizable to meet our clients’ unique needs. Our solutions can be found all over the globe across multiple industries. Our software powers the digital communications of companies like Rabobank, IKEA, Bloomberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Burger King, TMobile, Virgin Megastores, Disneyland Resort Paris, McDonald’s, Warner Bros., Mercedes-Benz, DNB, Hard Rock Hotel, Shell, Esso, Ericsson and IBC-13.

Their Challenge

Scala was experiencing exponential trouble ticket growth as they installed more and more edge devices in retail and quick-serve restaurant environments. They were experiencing high rates of hardware failure and did not have a method of real-time data capture for connectivity, player and screen status, or system errors. There were support costs concerns. They had engineers and programmers answering every day phone calls and emails concerning minor issues such as power schedules and content updates.

  • Increasing trouble ticket counts
  • Increasing hardware failures
  • Lack of real-time insight into their edge device performance data
  • Software engineers acting as 1st line support

Our Solution

Top Gun would serve as Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, freeing up Scala’s Engineers and Programmers to focus on product improvement and implementation. Top Gun also built a custom application to monitor all edge devices on their network in real-time. It allowed for tickets to be automatically opened in our ticket system and alert support agents anytime a device went offline, stopped playing content or had its screen’s input changed. Top Gun also created comprehensive ticket parameters to capture data allowing for trend(s) analysis to identify and diagnose the root causes of common issues.

  • Establish a tiered help desk
  • Create a robust, comprehensive ticket structure to capture data for trend analysis 
  • Real-time edge device monitoring
  • 1000 edge devices installed
  • 3000 tickets per month
  • Innovation – Top Gun created an application that ran in conjunction with Scala’s back-end servers that provided Real-Time status data on all installed devices.

The Results

  • Even with the edge device network growing 300% to over 3000 screens in the first twelve months, Top Gun was able to reduce the overall number of trouble tickets by 64% from 3000 per month to 1100 per month.
  • Created a Real-Time monitoring application that allowed Top Gun to resolve issues proactively, often before customers ever needed to call the Help Desk.
  • Identified what was causing hardware failures and recommended hardware and installation changes that better suited the environment found in Quick Server Restaurants.
  • Identified installation issues, granular enough to identify which install teams and which franchisees had the most issues.
  • Created a standardized checkout process for new installs to ensure 100% functionality and identify and weak points at the site.
  • Reduced overall costs by removing underlying issues and reducing the need for truck rolls and on-site technicians.

Additional benefits of the Top Gun solution included:

  • Increased Brand Reliability – Partners and Resellers could spend less time worrying about technical difficulties and spend more time growing their business.
  • Increased Partner Reseller Support – Scala’s partners and resellers learned to count on their customer’s issues being resolved quickly and the root cause of the issues being eliminated altogether allowing them to focus on sales and growth.
  • Verified Value – Success of program reinforced approach and allowed for stable support costs even during rapid growth.

“Top Gun delivered on their commitment. Despite nearly tripling our number of screens, Top Gun was able to cut the number of trouble tickets by 2/3rds. Our end users were happier, and we were able to standardize our process and continue to add more locations and screens.”

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Scala Digital Signage Support

How Top Gun was able to reduce the overall number of trouble tickets by 64%, even with the edge device network growing by 300%

A Client Story
Released: March 25, 2016